Who We Are

Giggles is a limited liability company that has started operating in the autumn/winter season of 2004.

Our company’s motto is trendy and affordable clothing made for Egyptians by Egyptians. Our company values are crucial to the clothing we design and manufacture and they guide us as we expand in the Egyptian market. Giggles designs and manufactures classic kids’ clothing and European-inspired children‘s clothing.

We design and manufacture clothing for the biggest children‘s retailers in the Egyptian market, such as the Lovely stores, Our Kids. Giggles has expanded its presence beyond the district of Cairo, in the provinces of Mahala, Mansoura, Tanta, Damanhour, Sohag and others. Giggles products are currently being sold at 50 branches nationwide. We are preparing to launch more Giggles stores nationwide in the upcoming 2016.

Giggles manufactures comfortable and stylish designs for three age groups; baby (Girls and Boys), Kids (Girls and Boys), and Juniors (Girls and Boys). Baby clothing ranges from 3 months -2 years of age, Kids from 1-8 year, and Juniors from 9-16 years old.

The Giggles lifestyle is about capturing the magic that is childhood, those special moments, the journey into a world of possibility and wonderment. Giggles works closely with the moms and the kids, because we are aware of the importance of the bond between them, therefore we offer solutions that support and facilitate a positive relation. Giggles believes in the kids’ spontaneity and creativity, therefore Giggles designs help them express themselves effortlessly for every occasion. Giggles also takes pride in the simplicity and quality of our clothing collections that offer simple solutions to both moms and kids improving the every day moments.